Digital PLC based High voltage test equipment 

Digital PLC based High voltage test equipment to check electric strength , output 0-5000 V AC with leakage current 200 mA fitted with auto transformer. Digital voltmeter, ammeter and other controls with alarm sound/buzzer cum tripping facility. As per IS : 10322 (Part 1) : 2014, section : 10.2.2 

This high voltage tester is suitable to check the electric strength . Generally this test is consuted immediately after the insulation test between the live part and insulated part.


This high voltage breakdown tester is specially designed, consisting of a step up, single phase air cooled transformer and the high voltage lead is taken out through high voltage bushing through a high voltage test probe.



   (Img. Economical Manual Type Breakdown Tester) 

Specification: -

 1.  Input voltage – 230V AC ± 5%, 50Hz.

 2.  Output voltage - 0 – 5KV AC RMS, 45 – 65Hz adjustable through autotransformer.

 3.  Output waveformoutput voltage wave shape is approximately sinusoidal with both half cyclic closely alike, THD<5% (Resistive load), Crest Factor="√2±5% 

4.  Leakage current - 5 to 100mA adjustable as per requirement

5.  Measuring instruments - PLC LCD Display with Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter

6.  Indicator – Different color indicator lamp are provided for the following controls

  HT ON/OFF  : lamp

  HT ON  : lamp indicator and audio buzzer

  Breakdown   : lamp indicator and audio buzzer

  Test pass/fail  : lamp