Proudly made in India

Make In India
1. Automated Life test Rack with data logger (Ambient ageing)
2. High Temperature Life test Rack with data logger (Up to 80 deg.c)
 3.Automated Photometric Integrating sphere with NABL Standard Lamp
 4.Automated Moving mirror (or Detector) Goniophotometer.
 5.Automated 2-axis Goniophotometer
6. Production line compliance test for Solid state lighting products and its control gears. 
7.IP test equipment for Luminaries, street lights and flood lights. 
 8. DIP and interruption generator for Lamps and Control gears.
 9. Hand held colorimeter, Spectrophotometer.
10.Safety test equipment for Lamps, Luminaries ,control gears, and for Home appliances like Dry Irons, Water heaters, Audio-video equipments...etc
 11. Table top Automated goniophotometer for LED /CFL/SBL lamps
12. Hand held illuminace  meter.
13.  Lumen maintenance test system for LED individual modules and lamps
14. Programmable load for LED control gears and DC power supply.
15. DC Regulated Power Supply.
16 . AC Power source (40-60 Hz) 300VA