An integrating sphere (also known as an Ulbricht sphere) is an optical component consisting of a hollow spherical cavity with its interior covered with a diffuse white reflective coating, with small holes for entrance and exit ports. Its relevant property is a uniform scattering or diffusing effect. Light rays incident on any point on the inner surface are, by multiple scattering reflections, distributed equally to all other points. 

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PHOTOMETRIC TEST SYSTEM to measure electrical, luminous and color co-ordinate values, color temperature of LED light sources consisting of  Photometric Integrator and Photometric Control panel as per IS: 16106: 2012,16102(Part 2) : 2012 and LM-79 specification.


2.0 Meter Photometric Integrator with Completely Automated Control Panel: (Globe) spherical type to `` measure lumen output of LED lamp or Luminaire or any light product with built-in Spectrometer , baffle screen, window etc. fabricated on fiberglass material, half - half opening type with provision to fix LED lamp, LED street light, LED luminaire of different types with inside special painted Baso4, system conforms as per IS 16106 : 2012,16102, 10322, LM-79 IEC specification.


Photometric Control Panel (Automated Computerized): to measure electrical, luminous and colour co-ordinate values, color temperature of LED light sourrces using the above Photometric Integrator, with incorporating spectral sensor, Digital Power Meter , temperature indicator to measure integrator inside temperature, Variac transformer for output fine tuning etc., and other switches & controls.


The print-out gives various parameters of lamps such as V1 (supply volt) – Amp – Watt – Hz– Lux-Lumen – ‘x’ – ‘y’ color co-ordinate values, color temperature etc., in a single operation.  Also provision to get the print out of ‘V’ harmonic, ‘I’ harmonic and total harmonic values etc.,