LED Strip Functional Tester With Ageing and /switching System    

LED Light Engine Functional Tester / LED Module Automatic Testing Equipment ( Model: ATE-02)

 ATE-02 is a quick test functional tester suitable for testing DC powered SELV LED modules, LED strips , LED linear Light engines…etc


ATE-02 consist Single channel DC power supply (0-50V, 0-5A CC CV) with Digital Power analyzer, and it is used to measure and fine tune the LED Light input voltage along with PASS/FAIL indication LED’s and suitable control gears like Foot switch to start the test, Fuse for protection, connecting terminals to connect the LED strip, ON/OFF switches..etc & also consist of suitable safety control gears, Test Jig connectors and optional Barcode-scanner for scanning the existing Product ID on products..etc

 Sequential Timer is also Built-in for the use for AGeing and Switching the LED strip at regular intervals. 

Customized application software as per customer requirement is provided in separate CD-ROM. This software GUI provides nice user interface for the user to access parameters & settings. 


Dedicated Industrial RS485 Data-logger Channel is provided with USB output for recording the product Serial Number, product ID, measured electrical parameters,..etc  into the computer desktop PC in Excel sheet format.