Miniature Integrating Sphere Photometer for LED chips and LED Bulbs

Integrating Sphere with Colorimeter & Control Panel: to measure electrical parameters, lumens, color co-ordinate values, color temperature of LED and Automated Control panel with computer desktop setup.

System conforms to IS 16105 & IEC LM-80 IEC specification.


Photometric Integrating Sphere:  spherical type to measure lumen output of LED with built in Texas colorimeter sensor, screen (Baffle window) and also comes with provision to fix commercial available colorimeter/chroma-meter like CL-200A (not included) etc. fabricated on fiberglass material, half - half opening type with provision to fix LED with inside special painted Baso4.


Inner diameter 0.3 meter.

Semi Automated Control Panel to measure and display electrical parameters and Photometric Parameters like lumens, color co-ordinate values, Color temperature of individual LED source along with the above Photometric Integrator, with incorporating TAOS(Texas Advanced Opto-Solution, USA) based colorimeter and provision is provided to fit Chromamter CL 200A (Konica Minolta to the globe- NOT included in this system) along with Programmable DC regulated power supply with CC/CV function , digital temperature indicator to measure internal temperature inside the integrator, and other switches & controls.