Production Line Photometric Analyzer (PLPA 410)

PLPA-410 system comes with miniature size control panel equipped with windows based touch screen or desktop PC, Single phase power analyzer, Auto transformer(Variac) and 400x400x800 size black rectangular box, all the electrical parameters and Photometric parameters (lux and chromaticity) are measured and recorded in the HMI unit.

Functional Test:

Electrical Parameters: VAC, IAC, Power, Power factor, Frequency (Hz), VTHD(Optional), ITHD(Optional.

·  Photometric Parameters: Illuminance, CCT,x,y. (Optional- Tristimulus values, RGB..)


This system uses Sony/TAOS - CCD/CMOS image sensor inside the black box for the measurement of Luminance/Illuminance, CCT and x,y. Single phase AC power analyzer for measuring AC electrical parameters and PWM simulated AC/Variac  for fine tuning of AC. Desktop with Windows 8 unit for displaying all the parameters and  for Pass/Fail indication…etc

 Inside coating is matt Black and Baffle is provided inside the black box in order to avoid stray light and reflection.

·  Built-in cosine corrected SONY CMOS/CCD sensor for measurement of Illuminance Lux , Color coordinates and color temperature.

·  Compact portable control panel with Single phase power analyzer, Windows 8 based touch screen HMI or desktop for displaying electrical and Photometric data and  0-270V, 2A autotransformer for fine tuning the supply voltage to the Test device.

·  English version of Photometric application readily runs in desktop PC.