Soak testing is a type of performance & stress test that verifies the product ability, stability & performance characteristics over a shorter or longer period of time. In LED Lighting industry:  Soak testing may involve testing a lighting product above or up to its maximum rating for typically shorter period of time and then suddenly switch to its least rating value for another shorter span of time, this cycle continues for longer period and ends with flickering the lighting product at its nominal rated voltage.

For Example: Testing a LED Module for Supply Switching Test at rated voltage for 30-Sec ON & 30-Sec OFF as per Standards (BIS/IEC/JIS) may behave exactly as expected for its entire rated life. However when it is subjected to Soak test like 5-sec ON, 5-Sec OFF for 20 Mins at 110V AC, then 5-sec ON, 5-sec OFF at 280V for 20 Mins and then 30-sec ON, 30-sec OFF at rated voltage for 20 Mins, repeating this cycle for some period may reveals the problems like electronic components failure in LED driver or other failures and may behave unexpectedly. 

Automated Life Test or High Voltage and Low voltage switching Rack for LED Fixtures/ Luminaire is a PLC based computerized operating type to test up to test LED light sources, system consists of PLC control panel unit with 3 No. of 25A VariacTransformer, also provided with suitable 25A Core- transformer with 2 No. of tappings at Higher volt side and at lower volt side as per customer requirement for voltage switching and soak testing..

we at Spectral System and Instruments manufacture and we offer specialized performance testing equipment. The Soak testing equipment is combined with traditional Ageing system and Switching cycle test system. This is completely automated & computerized, so the system will take care of maintain the clock accuracy to switching the voltage at every specified instant without a miss.

After Soak Test the manufacturer should ensure that every LED products pass through Conformity test for photometric parameters like Lux or Lumen, CCT, CIE-x and CIE-y before packing and forwarding the products, this will make you confident that you are manufacturing an almost IDEAL LED product and gives you confidence how you can dominate the LED industry.